What sport to practice at home to lose weight?

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Fitness is a reliable activity for losing weight. This is a formidable cardio-training exercise that allows you to lose weight when practiced rigorously. All you need to do is set up a gym space in your home and stick to the  t12s online fitness program  to lose weight. As the name suggests, this fitness program takes place over 12 weeks. It consists of many sports exercises, nutrition, motivation, not to mention well-being. This program is therefore specially designed for people who wish to lose weight through fitness.

According to experts, practicing fitness for 30 minutes can burn about 350 calories on average. And to obtain a convincing result, it is recommended to constantly do fitness 2 to 3 times a week for 40 minutes. However, you must also accompany fitness with good food hygiene.


Like fitness, the practice of yoga also allows you to exercise and strengthen the body. This gentle discipline helps the body to generate an average energy expenditure of around 200 calories after one hour of exercise. Better, the regular practice of yoga allows your body to gain in flexibility, to build muscles as well as to improve your breathing gently. But to quickly get in the shape you want, you can combine yoga with another sport such as fitness or bodybuilding with rubber bands.


If you do not know this sport, know that it is an activity based on the toning of deep muscles through gentle gymnastics. It should be noted that a typical Pilates session alternates strength training, stretching and awareness of your body. On the calorie side, it must be recognized that Pilates does not make you lose weight. But it promotes weight loss and its effects work your body to give it a slimmer figure.

In Pilates, sheathing remains the main exercise. This exercise therefore allows you to flatten your abdominal belt thanks to the regular contractions of your muscles. It tones the muscles of your legs, thighs, arms, etc. You can combine Pilates with another sport for faster weight loss.

Bodybuilding with rubber bands

Formerly used as a therapeutic method, the rubber band can now be used to lose weight through bodybuilding. This activity allows you to burn calories while forging a perfect figure. In addition to having rock solid abs, bodybuilding with rubber bands gives you goddess buttocks, toning your thighs and getting gazelle legs.

After a few weeks of practicing strength training with rubber bands, you can already notice the changes in your figure. Lightweight and less bulky, the fitness elastic comes at an affordable price. You will find many bodybuilding exercises with rubber band on the internet to lose weight effectively.


The Stepper is an excellent tool for losing weight by burning calories. By varying the resistance, pace, and step time, you get reliable aerobic training. This incentivizes your cardiovascular system and encourages fat burning. The practice of the Stepper thus favors an energy expenditure which varies between 300 and 700 calories after one hour of exercise time.

In addition, stepping in a moderate way allows you to obtain a metabolic value of 7. That is to say, this activity of medium intensity of stepping helps your body to burn 7 times more calories than at rest. This amount of calorie loss is comparable to water skiing.

Finally, in addition to practicing these sports at home, you must consume a balanced diet to lose weight. Do not forget also to have a healthy lifestyle and to respect the good habits to lose weight. Click  here  to find out more.

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