Top 10 CrossFit Gear for Home

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1. Kettlebells

The kettlebell is one of the most widely used CrossFit accessories these days. The kettlebell is a cast iron weight with a spherical shape, equipped with a wide handle on the top, making it easier to grip during workouts. Unlike a dumbbell, which has its center of gravity at the level of the palm of the hand, the kettlebell has a center of gravity offset from its handle.

This characteristic makes it possible in particular to carry out swinging exercises such as the swing exercise. Controlling the trajectory of the kettlebell tends to engage many stabilizing muscles. Kettlebell exercises are known to strengthen all the muscles of the body and in particular the muscles that we are not used to soliciting with traditional bodybuilding exercises. In order to save space and money, we suggest you opt for a modular kettlebell.


Kettlebell with variable load

  • Easy load adjustment
  • Sold individually
  • Sport
  • Variable load from 4 kg to 18 kg

2. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a bodybuilding equipment known to all. Absolutely essential in bodybuilding, they are also very important in the discipline of CrossFit. Dumbbells usually come in the form of a short, thick bar with a weight at each end. For doing CrossFit at home, dumbbells are much more practical than an Olympic barbell and weight plates.

Dumbbells allow you to perform an impressive number of exercises: press exercises, rowing exercises, around the world, goblet squats, front lunges… You can only perform an ultra-complete WOD (Workout of the Day) with dumbbells. It is important to have a wide choice of different weights to be able to carry out a complete and effective training. To save space and money, we recommend using adjustable dumbbells.


  • WEIGHT ADJUSTMENT IN SECONDS: This innovative dumbbell has 5 weight levels: 3KG, 8.5KG, 14KG, 19.5KG and 25KG. You can adjust the individual weight adjustment with just one hand in seconds. The product is certified by EUIPO and ROHS and it is suitable for both beginners and professionals. During the training it is possible at any time to change the weight during the exercises.
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: The dumbbell system guarantees you an optimal training because the ergonomic non-slip handle is gentle on hands and fingers and offers you maximum comfort. The cast iron weight plates are covered with a waterproof coating and they are protected against perspiration and humidity. 
  • MAXIMUM SAFETY: The dumbbell holder is lockable. Thanks to the self-locking technique the dumbbell can only be removed from the rack when all the necessary weight plates are fixed in the plate holder. Each weight plate includes 3 mounting bases that ensure stability during use and prevent wobbling.
  • SPACE-SAVING STORAGE: The dumbbell set with a compact design is easy to maintain and can be stored without taking up much space while saving the floor. The storage tray prevents the weight plates from rolling or tipping over unexpectedly. The dumbbell can be placed either separately or together with the rack and other plates.
  • EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTORS OFFER A 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: DH FitLife is a EUROPEAN BRAND with distribution and customer service based in Hamburg. We only work with reliable and qualified teams and trainers and attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers. If you have any questions or problems you can contact us at any time.

3. Pull-up bar

Pull-ups are an extremely effective bodyweight exercise for developing back muscles. They solicit all the muscles involved in the pulling movement, such as the biceps, trapezius and latissimus dorsi. Pull-ups are also excellent for recruiting the muscles of the abdominal strap because you will have to sheath your abdomen to stay straight during the movement.

To perform pull-ups at home, you will, of course, need a pull-up bar. There are a wide variety of pull-up bars. The easiest to install are pull-up bars for door frames. If you want something sturdier, you can also choose a wall-mounted pull-up bar or a Roman chair equipped with a pull-up bar. With a pull-up bar, you can also perform exercises like muscle ups and toes to bar.


  • A two-way adjustable pull-up bar for your door frame, no screws or drilling required: simply clamp it in place and start your workout, screws and mounting hardware are included for more permanent attachment
  • The workout bar features comfortable non-slip pads, for a firm grip and minimal irritation to the palms when training your upper body. It is suitable for men and women weighing up to 100 kg
  • CLEAR RUBBER CLOSURES LEFT AND RIGHT: They prevent unwanted marks on the door frame, making this pull-up bar equally suitable for rented homes
  • Stable steel and easy to use thanks to the telescopic system / Rod diameter: approx. 30 mm, length: 66.5 to 93 cm, adjustable for a good hold on the door frame
  • Supplied with mounting hardware — pull-up bar that can support a maximum user weight of up to 100 kg — available in 2 colors

4. Rings

Gymnastic rings are small accessories that attach to a pull-up bar (or any other solid structure in height) and which allow you to perform many body weight exercises (muscle ups, dips, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.) very interesting for CrossFit. Gymnastic rings are usually made of wood and are equipped with strong straps for fastening. 

Unlike pull-up bars, push-up handles and dip bars, rings provide much less stability, which allows you to use the stabilizing muscles more during bodyweight exercises. Indeed, the gymnastic rings will strongly work your cladding and thus strengthen your abdominal belt. In addition, the rings will allow you to choose a natural grip for your morphology, which will not cause pain in the wrists.


  • 【Premium Quality Wood – Smooth and Crack-Free】 The gymnastic rings are made of 100% birch wood; finely sanded, the surface is smooth and burr-free; birch has high-strength toughness and elasticity and excellent grip and load-bearing capacity. Rings outer diameter: 23cm, inner diameter: 18cm, ring thickness: 28mm; Nylon strap length: 4.5m, width: 2.5cm; Maximum load: 300 kg.
  • 【Strong Nylon Harness – Adjustable Height】 Our gymnastic rings with adjustable nylon straps are very durable and of high quality, they will keep you safe during your workouts. Thanks to the metal buckle, you can quickly install the length of the shoulder strap and adjust it freely. Besides, the length marks on the shoulder straps help you adjust the right height easily.
  • 【Thoughtful Design – With Handle Band/Height Marking/Safety Metal Buckle】 The gymnastic rings come with 2 handle bands, wrap them around the handle area of ​​the ring for a perfect fit during training, without slipping, even when your palms start to sweat; metal clasps are solid coated for durability and woven scale marks for easy height adjustment.
  • 【Train – You Anytime, Anywhere】With the gym rings, you can train your whole body by training muscle groups in the stomach, shoulders, back, arms, legs, chest, etc. You can do push-ups, pull-ups, arm stretches, etc. Besides, you can use it anywhere, whether indoor or outdoor gymnastics, our wooden gymnastic rings are your best choice.
  • 【Order Peacefully – 100% After-Sales Guarantee】 Your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any questions after receiving the product, please contact us in time. We will serve you with all my heart!

5. Box jump

The box jump is a very useful piece of equipment for carrying out plyometric training. This type of training, based on powerful and explosive movements, aims to develop the tone of the striated skeletal muscles. More concretely, by jumping on a box jump, you will work in power, explosiveness and endurance on the muscles of the lower body (calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, etc.).

A box jump is usually a cube of wood and plywood. It is a relatively simple structure. If you’re a bit of a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll probably be able to design one. However, they are rarely perfect cubes, the faces do not all have the same dimensions. This allows you to vary your training by jumping on more or less large boxes. The heights vary, in general, from 30 to 80 cm.


  • One Box, Multiple Functions: With just our Vintage Wooden Plyo Box, you can do daily workouts right at home while having a nice extra piece of furniture for your cozy home. The exercise jump box comes in 12″ x 14″ x 16″ – Save more space with just one box that can be used to vary your desired jump height at 3 height levels
  • Professional wood construction: goes with internal struts (on 3 larger sizes) for maximum strength for a non-slip surface on top and to support heavy athletes
  • IDEAL FOR PLYOMETRIC EXERCISE, MMA: Plyometric movements are those in which the strength, elasticity and muscle innervations become accustomed to jumping higher, throwing farther and hitting harder. Perfect for step-ups, squats and MMA
  • Advanced Design for Jumping: Features pre-drilled holes for quick assembly and rounded corners where you can put maximum effort. Polyester outer layer to protect the exterior
  • Suitable for commercial and individual use: this box is durable, stable, easy to use and assemble, which is a perfect choice for gym centers with many users and ideal for doing jumping exercises at home

6. Skipping rope

Jumping rope is a great exercise for cardio, agility, coordination and balance. Performed at high intensity, jumping rope can even be beneficial for toning and developing the muscles of the lower body, but also the muscles of the abdominal strap and the arms. The great thing about jumping rope is that you only need a jump rope, and you can train easily without leaving your home.

If you hate going out for a run, jumping rope is a real alternative. You can even perform high-intensity jump rope between two sets of pull-ups. Be careful not to choose a jump rope for the playground. If your ambition is to perform double/triple unders, you will need to choose a dedicated jump rope for speed, with a steel rope, aluminum handles and a ball bearing.


  • QUALITY AND STRONG CROSSFIT SKIPPING ROPE: the handles are made of unbreakable aluminum to combine robustness and lightness. The BRANK Rope is designed to last and withstand regular and intensive training sessions. Your comfort is assured thanks to its knurled and non-slip grip like your favorite Olympic bars
  • JUMP ROPE IDEAL FOR DOUBLE UNDER: The ball bearings have been designed and worked to provide ultra-fast spin and ensure optimal rotation speed to facilitate the realization of double jumps and even triples for the most seasoned. You will find 2 diameters of cables in the box to facilitate your progress
  • SPORTS SKIP ROPE FOR ALL: The 3 steel cables provided are adjustable and adjustable to fit all sizes. Our rope is suitable for men, women as well as children, young and old. Whether in a crossfit WOD, in fitness class or in physical preparation for boxing, MMA, basketball or volleyball, it will meet your quality and performance requirements.
  • COMPLETE AND UNIQUE ROPE KIT: our pack includes, among other things, 3 steel cables of 3m50, a transport bag, spare bindings, an adjustment guide and 3 training programs to master the basics of jumps, lose weight with the rope and pass the DU
  • 365 DAYS WARRANTY AND SERVICE: you take no risk by choosing BRANK Sports products. You get a 365 day extended warranty for your new speed jump rope. Our customer service is located in Gironde and remains available 24/7 to satisfy you

7. Assault biking

The assault Bike, or air bike, is a cardio device that differs from the exercise bike by the presence of removable handles that allow you to work the upper body at the same time as the lower body. In addition, the air bike uses a ventilation system at the front wheel to generate air resistance. This air resistance will gain in intensity as you pedal hard and fast.

Be careful, the assault bike is not a cardio machine like the others, if you really want to work out, this equipment will push you to your limits. The air bike is the ideal CrossFit device for burning the most calories in the least amount of time. It’s certainly not the cheapest piece of equipment on this list, but this piece of equipment is second to none when it comes to providing an intense, complete and very explosive workout!


  • RESISTANCE: The resistance is generated by the band brake system in combination with the air resistance of the large wind turbine; Stepless resistance adjustment is manual and stepless
  • DRIVE: The Fan-Bike pedals are connected to the handlebars; The combination of an exercise bike and an elliptical trainer provides an effective whole body workout
  • WIND TURBINE: The resistance is regulated by the belt brake system. The wind system creates additional resistance and increases the training effect; Air resistance is not adjustable
  • SADDLE: Seat height can be adjusted in seven steps from approx. 70 cm to approx. 88 cm
  • DETAILS: Device dimensions: approx. 115x70x122cm (LxWxH); user weight up to 100kg; device weight approx. 25kg; Model SP-FB-1000

8. Medicine ball

The medicine ball, or wall ball, is a kind of weighted ball, usually made of rubber or leather, and filled with sand, gel, or other heavy materials. The medicine ball is used by CrossFiters to build muscle strength, endurance, coordination, speed and power. The exercises with the Medicine Ball are varied, ranging from passes between partners, throws against a wall, rotations of the trunk, squats, lunges, and many other movements.

The medicine ball is particularly appreciated for its functional aspect, because it solicits several muscle groups simultaneously and allows you to work the body as a whole. This accessory is widely used for rehabilitation by physiotherapists, which is where its name comes from. The wall ball requires considerable precision, as well as great cardiovascular resistance, since it generally involves sending and receiving the ball with a large number of repetitions.


Medicine ball with handles 4 kg

  • Weight: 4kg
  • Helps develop: coordination, balance, power and explosiveness
  • Double handles for a better grip and to allow use with dumbbells

9. Potholders

Grips are kinds of mitts that are intended to protect your hands and improve your grip without altering your maneuverability and your sensations. Grips consist of a strip of carbon or leather that covers the palm of the hand and a strap that encircles the wrist. Depending on whether you prefer more protection or more maneuverability, you can choose two or three hole grips.

Grips are necessary when you perform a lot of exercises with bars, dumbbells and kettlebells. Indeed, repeated friction with the bar can be dangerous for your hands. By using CrossFit grips, you’ll reduce the risk of blisters, skin tears, and calluses, allowing you to train harder and perform more reps without being limited by injury to the joints. hands.


  • DESIGNED FOR THE MOST DEMANDING ATHLETES – Reduce the time it takes to alternate barbell lifts, pull-ups, toes to bars and muscle-ups. These wrist bands for crossfit have no holes. Just turn them backwards to change workout stations faster.
  • WRIST PROTECTION INCLUDED – NO WRISTBANDS NEEDED – Wider attachment helps protect your wrist during weightlifting exercises or overheads. No need to combine them with wrist wraps, making them the most versatile wrist wraps for Crossfit athletes.
  • FULL HAND PROTECTION DURING LONG SERIES The Quad Carbon design protects the palms and fingers with full hand coverage. They are perfect for grabbing the bar and giving you a better grip on long reps.
  • EXCEPTIONAL GRIP WITH CARBON FIBER FINISH AND HOOK GRIP SYSTEM The holeless design includes our own hook grip system as well as a carbon fiber finish to guarantee excellent grip on the whole bar or on the rings. A better grip means more reps, less fatigue and fewer unnecessary breaks during your workouts.
  • Don’t forget to check the size picture to choose the best fit for you.

10. Shoes

To perform a good CrossFit session, you must always wear good shoes, even if you do your WOD at home. The importance of this accessory should not be underestimated. CrossFit shoes have been designed to provide maximum comfort, stability and support during high intensity CrossFit sessions. As you know, CrossFit is a mix of pre-existing physical activities.

CrossFit shoes differ from shoes specific for running or weightlifting because they are designed to be versatile, allowing athletes to adapt to different activities during a workout. This makes it an attractive choice for CrossFit practitioners who need versatile shoes for varied exercises involving strength, agility and endurance.

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