Where is the Blighted Village basement in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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The basement can be found behind the counter in the abandoned pharmacy in Blighted Village. Head inside the building right next to the teleportation point and you should find it quickly!

As soon as you go down to the basement, read the healer’s note on the table nearby. Once you’ve done that, go to the large wooden bookcase on the north side of the room. Behind this bookcase is a hidden door that you must open by moving this bookcase.

To do this, go to the pile of wooden boxes to the left of the bookcase. Behind these boxes is a lever. Interacting with this level will automatically move the bookcase and allow you to proceed further into the basement.

Once you’re done, you’ll reach a room filled with wooden coffins. Inside these coffins are skeletons that will run around and break other skeletons if not killed quickly enough. It’s not a particularly difficult fight, but it can be avoided if you like.

The only coffin you need to open is on the north side of the room, in sunlight. Open it and you will find another book that you should read.

After dealing with the skeletons and finding the book, go to the south side of the room and you will find a mirror. Talk to him!

He won’t let you through until you convince him that you are his master’s friend! To pass, you need to correctly answer a series of questions. If you get it wrong, the mirror will summon a flaming ball that will travel around the coffin room and explode in several places. This will release a few skeletons from their resting places if you haven’t fought them yet, and deal a lot of damage to your group, so don’t mess it up!

The answers you must give to the mirror are as follows. Note that you must read the doctor’s note in the first basement room and the book in the coffin room to be able to say all of this:

  • Yes, ally! I am your master’s ally.
  • Szass Tam is a vile, pathetic creature.
  • I read the doctor’s journal – he used Balm to treat the wound.
  • I want to remove the worm from my head

Once you give these answers, the mirror will allow you to enter the hidden sanctuary below the Infested Village. There are some small treasures inside that you must capture, but the most important prize is hidden behind a locked door.

However, this door is locked. Be sure to disarm all traps in front of and behind the door so you don’t burn to pieces upon entering. If you are locked, you can find the key outside the door to break out.

Inside is a Necromancer’s Tome . You can read it yourself or give it to a companion. This is very important, but you won’t see the fruit until Act 2 and beyond.

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