January 25, 2023
Honkai Impact 3rd – What to expect from version 6.1

Honkai Impact 3rd – What to expect from version 6.1

Honkai Impact

Genshin Impact’s somewhat overshadowed big brother, is about to celebrate its fifth anniversary with version 6.1, which will be available from October 27 . Unlike its predecessor, keeping informed of the game’s releases is complicated as the content offered depending on whether you have an Asian or global account differs, but we are going to give an overview of certain elements.

First, the birthday rewards. Players will be able to enjoy an S-rank Valkyrie: one of two physical characters to choose from, Seele Stygian Nymph or Elysia Miss Pink Elf. This gift will be available from November 3. A second gift, more interesting for experienced players, allows players to recover ten free wishes on the weapon banner. In addition, the first ten wishes on the new weapon banner, highlighting the equipment of the character Li Sushang, which will be free.

While we’re talking about banners, note that 6.1 has a “spending event”, where spending gems on banners is rewarded. For the more motivated, spending 30,000 crystals will unlock a summer skin for Aponia. But what will there be as banners?

The character at the center of this update, Li Sushang, is an S-rank,

PSY-type valkyrie with ice damage

 capable of swordfighting for both melee and ranged combat, with floating swords . His banner weapon remains a pair of combat gloves. It’s a similar case to Kiana Herscher of Flamescion, where the signature weapon doesn’t affect visual gameplay, only skills. To play it optimally, you will need to obtain the 5-star Nocturnal Stealth weapon as well as the Eternal Moon stigmata set.

Finally, there is a “firepower” event: players must select five sets of equipment and will have ten wishes on the banner. This guarantees them an unowned drop of one of these sets, the opportunity to finish a character that is missing a final stigma, for example. Apart from these Honkai Impact 3rd Anniversary giveaways , there will also be in-game events in addition to the classic Abyss, Memorial Arena, and Commissions.

Midnight Chronicle will take place in two phases: it is a mini-game around the main character of the update. His favorite game, Tales of Xia: Phantasia, features a dozen maps and three game types, a score-focused mode, a survival-focused mode, and a speed-focused mode. Following this event, it will be possible to recover a skin for Mobius.

Story Chapter XXXII End of the World will be available to everyone with rewards for those who complete it. It will mark the end of the first part of the grand narrative developed through Honkai Impact 3rd , with the moon as a new area to explore.

Finally, the trailer takes the opportunity to give the theorists some food for thought, by revealing silhouettes of what appear to be the new weapons of Kiana, Mei and Bronya. Does this imply that new valkyries like the game’s protagonists are coming? To be continued…

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