Kirby’s Dream Buffet Review – Bringing Dessert

Kirby's Dream Buffet Review - Bringing Dessert

Prepare your eyes and your taste buds, because Kirby’s Dream Buffet arrives with its sweet groceries and sprinkled with a welcome competitiveness . On a Fall Guys-style model, Nintendo’s new party game offers gourmet challenges, in local or online multiplayer. While the communication around the game was very brief and unexpected (five months after the release of the excellent Kirby and The Forgotten World), what can we expect from this surprise game with our favorite pink ball?

A menu for all tastes

Whether you’re fast, strategist or even endowed with the best reflexes in the world, Kirby’s Dream Buffet takes you on a crazy spiral of mini-games in a culinary universe that makes our mouths water . The different circuits and trays are varied and colorful, opening the appetite to the less greedy among us. 

Each part consists of four mini-games, with a frantic race during which you will have to eat as many strawberries as possible. Here, you will slide on wafers, jump on cupcakes or break cookies. The snacks on your way will give you bonuses to make your run easier, and you might just be able to get there first and devour the biggest mountain of strawberries.

After recovering your breath, you move on to a random mini-game, where you will have to elbow-to-elbow with your opponents and expel them from the field, to once again win the prize for the most gluttonous. This quick interlude will lead you to a second race. Finally, to conclude, the last mini-game is strongly reminiscent of Smash Bros. : in this every man for himself, random objects are issued to wipe your opponents off the map, and during your few seconds of respite, you will (still) have to swallow as many strawberries as possible to win the title of winner.

The mechanics always remain the same, but the decorations vary and shimmer our pupils: the details given to the different foods are made with care and form a playful, joyful and easy-to-use universe. The choice of winners is just as fun, rewarding not only by your weight of eaten strawberries, but also if you have collected the most objects, or even if you have been ousted the most times from the arena.

Appetite comes with eating 

Although the gameplay is the player is rewarded with each victory and unlocks costumes/colors for his character, music, or cookies that decorate your starting menu. This system of rewards necessarily lengthens the duration of the game , and ultimately arouses the desire to face other players. But now, without friends nearby, the only solution not to play with computers is the online mode (and the price of its subscription that goes with it). The title is thought out greatly for this, and it is difficult for it to renew itself without giving in to the pangs of subscriptions. You will have understood it, without paying, you quickly go around the game if you stay alone in your corner. 

Kirby’s Dream Buffet relies on indulgence and cuteness. It harnesses all the sweetness and cheerfulness of Kirby’s world, and offers a sweet moment away from current AAAs. Like Fall Guys, which we inevitably think of, it is also surprising that the title has not made its place among streamers, who could have exploited the multiplayer mode to create content that would have its place just as much. than its predecessor a few months ago. 

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