Nintendo Direct Mini – What to remember from the June 2022 vintage

Nintendo Direct Mini – What to remember from the June 2022 vintage

This Tuesday, June 28, Nintendo split a Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase . The opportunity for the manufacturer to present games from third-party publishers to come on the hybrid machine that is the Nintendo Switch. Between announcements and confirmations, we take stock today of what Big N had to offer us during this presentation. We’ll be intentionally skipping the live opening focused on Monster Hunter Rise’s DLC and roadmap, with the latter releasing in the coming days.

NieR: Automata finds its way to the Switch

First major announcement of this live, the magnificent NieR: Automata will arrive from October 6, 2022 to the delight of fans wishing to play the title on the go. Subtitled “The End of YoRHa Edition”, this version will contain the additional content already released as well as new costumes exclusive to the Nintendo console. Something to dive back into the intoxicating world of 2B and 9S. Pre-orders are already open on the Nintendo eShop.

Return of old legends

The show will also have made it possible to announce the return of several big names in video games. The first to show its face is none other than Bomberman, with Super Bomberman R2, available in 2023 . This will include, among other things, a new mode allowing fifteen players to fight their way to treasure chests.

The second comes straight from Capcom which announces a compilation of Megaman Battle Network. These games, originally released on Gameboy Advance, will land on the Switch next year in Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection . It should be noted that the title will also be available in two volumes on the Nintendo eShop.

The third is not afraid of ghosts and loves Pac Gum. A remake of Pac-Man World, a 3D opus originally released on the PS1 generation, has been announced. The latter looks particularly pretty and true to the original. Pac-Man World Re-PAC will be released on August 26, 2022.

Then, to everyone’s surprise, this Nintendo Direct  announces the return of Guybrush Threepwood in a new adventure on Monkey Island. The famous Point’n’Click from Lucas Arts therefore makes swords and insults speak in a brand new iteration to appear as a temporary exclusive on the Nintendo console. Return to Monkey Island is slated for 2022 and looks like it’s staying true to its origins.

“The Cake is a Lie”, does that ring a bell? Portal 1 and 2 can be found on Switch, to the delight of lovers of puzzles and dark humor. This “Cubic Collection” is already available , even allowing you to take advantage of the co-op mode of the second opus. Ready to return to thwart GladOS’s plans?

White, or when minimalism hits the mark

In its bag, Nintendo took with it a game with a minimalist look called White. In the latter, devoid of text and playable in local or online co-op, you play as two animals that everything seems to oppose in a dreamlike adventure in a world where snow is queen. Blanc will be released in February 2023 as a console exclusive on Nintendo Switch .

Mario and the Rabbits wish you well

After the surprise that was the first opus, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a sequel was announced last June. This live will have been an opportunity for Sparks of Hope to be talked about again with new gameplay sequences, the announcement of playable Bowser and, above all, the release date of the title: October 20, 2022. The latter will be more in detail this June 29, 2022 from 6 p.m. during a dedicated showcase.

Dragon Quest Treasures: a spin-off in treasure hunt mode

The new spin-off of Dragon Quest made its appearance during the live. The latter is presented as a game based on the collection of loot. So it’s up to you to go hunting to bring back the biggest treasure possible to your base. Dragon Quest Treasures will be released on December 9, 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

Harvestella or when Harvest Moon and Final Fantasy make babies

Square Enix pulls out of its hat an atypical title mixing life simulation and harvest management with RPG as they know how to do it so well. Harvestella is a title that asks you to manage your harvests over the seasons, while exploring the world in search of resources. Then, the season of death will eventually arrive: Quietus. This period kills your plantations, and forces you to find the origin of the problem and overcome it. Harvestella will arrive on Switch this year, on November 4, 2022.

Persona 3, 4 and 5 wherever you want them

The live ends with the announcement of the porting of the three Personas on Nintendo Switch. Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 Royal will therefore not leave Nintendo’s hybrid console on the sidelines and, like the others, will each take their turn starting with the fifth opus from October 21, 2022. others, we will have to settle for a simple “Soon”.

This Nintendo Direct , although full of new images, is above all placed under the sign of confirmation and nostalgia. With new information on already known titles and the return of old major licenses, it is the real feeling of novelty that is conspicuously absent from the presentation. It remains to be seen whether the manufacturer is preparing for its part a new summer direct in order to take stock of the titles which are beginning to be long overdue. Wait & see, as they say.

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