Summary of top impressive games of the week you should try

Summary of top impressive games of the week you should try

1/ Nova Legends

To save the peace in Nova Legends – Players will form themselves a squad with 5 mighty warriors, start fierce battles, pass each gate in turn and make the opponent let go. surrender weapon.

Nova Legends – With a fairly modest character inventory compared to other games of the same genre, a total of 65 characters that you can own through the “Recruit” feature. The characters will be divided into 5 basic systems and 1 special system, each character will play a specific role in the squad, allowing players to arrange a best squad, most suitable for each war. 

Completing each level, the player can receive resources that can be used to strengthen the character later. In addition to passing the stage, players can also find resources by doing story quests. Your heroes will continue to fight, adventure, collect resources even when you are absent with AFK mechanics. Even while you sleep, you can still level up and progress.

2/ King of Legend: Exotic Invasion 

Card collecting games often attract gamers thanks to their monumental character stores. King of Legend: Exotic Invasion – With a character store of more than 100 beautiful girls and 100 legendary heroes that you can own through the Gacha feature. 

Especially the characters in the game are designed very carefully by more than 10 famous artists. Each one has its own character: There are arrogant loli, domineering lady, seductive goddess, innocent, curious elf girls… Not stopping there, in the first 7 days of game experience you will Get a total of 1000 free spins allowing you to own your favorite heroes and beauties very easily.

Tactical properties are also enhanced in the game King of Legend: Exotic Invasion – When all characters will be divided into 5 elemental systems: Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Darkness. Of course, these systems will counter each other and each character will have separate skills and roles in the squad. Players must calculate as well as learn carefully their opponents to be able to arrange the most reasonable battle formation if they want to win.

3/ Random Rush: Tower Defense TD

In Random Rush: Tower Defense TD – Your kingdom is under the attack of countless monsters, they are goblins, orcs, huge dragons. You will have to lead your mighty army to build a solid line of defense to protect the Kingdom of Royale and the safety of your people against the wave of massive attacks of monsters.

The gameplay of Random Rush: Tower Defense TD – is similar to other tower defense games. The player’s task is to use powerful heroes to stop the monsters from attacking the base. This gameplay reminds me of the Orb master game, also known as Fusion Crush.

Start fighting in Random Rush: Tower Defense TD – You’ll have to go through duplicates to find the first heroes to prepare for the more difficult battles later. The copy will contain 3 Map, 1 Map will be divided into 3 small chapters and each chapter will be divided into 7 gates. Passing each gate you will receive resources including: Ruby, Gold, hero, hero fragment

4/ Devil’s Overture

Devil’s Overture really makes players feel overwhelmed by the extremely vivid images and effects, approaching the quality of PC/Console games. Players will be able to see the world of Devil’s Overture through the intersection of day and night, light and shadow, as well as a 360° super-wide viewing angle.

The visual effects in both the landscape and the battle are done quite well, although they can’t make the game stand out, but just enough to show depth. The character’s movement is also well done, the character moves smoothly even when launching skills continuously and there is no pause or lag.

In the game Devil’s Overture, the player is also allowed to freely create the character through the detailed shaping system. Features such as eye color, skin color or even tooth color are selected by the player, so each character in the game has a personal imprint, no one is the same.

5/ Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice

Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice takes you back to the second industrial revolution when a terrible disaster occurred around the globe, it was likened to a third atomic bomb that destroyed all life on earth, leveling all facilities, creating unpredictable changes in climate. 

It seemed that human life had ended, when the so-called “main roles” miraculously survived. And you as the leader, must lead those survivors, rebuild the city with the burning hope of restoring life to people.

The context of the game Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice is built close to the original PC, so everything from the shaping to the landscape has become quite familiar. The snow-white winter scene goes on forever without stopping, making the scene even more desolate. The visual effects of the game are made relatively well, the color as well as the shading techniques bring depth to the game. Thereby gamers easily feel the authenticity during the experience journey.

6/ Fantasy Sister : Idle RPG

In Fantasy Sister: Idle RPG is not too long, rambling about the plot. The player’s task is to assemble an army of heroes called Pirim to fight the enemy. The gameplay of Fantasy Sister: Idle RPG is similar to other Idle games of the same genre, players will arrange a squad of 5 Pirims to overcome different stages and destroy enemies.

The Pirims are divided into 5 types, including Fire, Water, Nature, Light, and Darkness. Divided into 6 different classes such as Def, Rush, Sup, Mag, Arc, Assa, besides each Pirim owns 2 active and 2 passive skills. Based on that, players can arrange for themselves the most suitable squad to overcome.

The challenges in Fantasy Sister: Idle RPG are divided into many different levels, for low levels the player will be easy to overcome, but when the level is high, the difficulty increases. Players can try their hand at the highest mode of the 7 highest modes called Burning Hell, in this level monsters as well as bosses with tremendous power will blow your squad away if your squad is you are too weak

7/ Marsaction: Infinite Ambition

Marsaction: Infinite Ambition has an engaging base-building strategy gameplay. Players will only focus on the main screen of their base while collecting materials such as quartz, earth heap, materials to build infrastructure for their growing infrastructure. more developed.

The construction system in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition is very diverse from the operating center, resource buildings as well as military buildings are designed in a futuristic style to bring a new feeling.

The interesting point in the gameplay will be two different ways of playing, the player will lead a squad of mechanized soldiers to rescue allies and occupy buildings to expand the base as well as the plot, when reaching the point of attack. The boss will switch to another scene where the player will control the three main heroes possessing their own unique characteristics and skills such as tanks, dps and support.

8/ Shadow of the Orient

Shadow of the Orient – ​​The game’s plot begins in an Eastern land. Where is being covered by darkness, the dark forces are always lurking to catch the children here. You will transform into a young warrior named Xiaolang, who is called by everyone to save and protect their children. From here, you will begin to embark on a arduous, dangerous journey with the aim of bringing peace to the land.

Shadow of the Orient – ​​There is a fairly simple control including 1 navigation button on the left and right is 1 hit button and 1 jump button. Starting the game there will be 2 modes that you can choose to experience: Adventure and Challenge. In adventure mode, you can die and come back to life many times, while in challenge mode, you only have 1 chance to pass the challenge if you die you have to start over.

During the adventure, players will face countless difficulties and obstacles. The difficult enemies take the form of Japanese Samurai masters of swordsmanship, archery masters… Besides, there are many pitfalls arranged everywhere. If hit, you will lose 1 health, run out of 4 health, your adventure will end.

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