The Westin Tokyo, “The Terrace” offers a special menu using the grill of the American grill brand “Weber” for a limited time

The Westin Tokyo, "The Terrace" offers a special menu using the grill of the American grill brand "Weber" for a limited time

From September 12th to October 31st, The Westin Tokyo will enjoy a dynamic authentic barbecue using the grill of the American grill brand “Weber” at the international restaurant “The Terrace” from September 12th to October 31st. Offer a special menu.

 At The Westin Tokyo, from 2021, we will use the high-quality grill of Weber, a grill pioneer who has rooted barbecue culture around the world, at The Terrace’s lush green patio seats. We offer a seasonal barbecue menu that you can enjoy grilling.

 For this menu, we used Weber’s 70th anniversary charcoal grill and the company’s largest gas grill, based on the desire to provide guests with an even more special experience. Making the most of the grill, we combine the charm of authentic American dynamic barbecue, which grills large chunks of meat sprinkled with spices, with high-quality ingredients, delicate techniques that make full use of their charms, and ingredients unique to Japan. , offering high-quality grilled dishes full of creativity like never before.

 You can enjoy a special time with your friends and family through a new barbecue experience on the patio seats surrounded by lush greenery in the city.

“Westin Special BBQ featuring Weber” is a special BBQ plan for a limited time offered at the elegant patio seats full of greenery of the international restaurant “The Terrace”. In this plan, the charcoal grill “70th Anniversary Kettle”, which is characterized by the classical appearance of the American top grill brand “Weber”, which celebrated its 70th anniversary in July, and Weber’s largest gas grill “GENESIS” which is rare to handle )” specially. Inspired by a variety of authentic American barbecue dishes, where Weber Grill Academy chef Joshwa Steven Hiroki Shibata grills a chunk of meat sprinkled with spices, The Terrace’s head chef Ryota Oka prepares a delicate menu. By adjusting the degree of grilling and combining the original sauce and original spices using Japanese ingredients, a special barbecue menu was born.In particular, 3kg to 7kg “Bone-in Ribeye”, “Tomahawk”, “Iberico Pork”, and other powerful chunks of meat, as well as Weber chef Joshwa’s specialties grilled on a cedar board, served with original sauce. Grilled dishes such as cedar plank salmon and seasonal vegetable brochettes, which are lavishly dusted with fragrant spices and vegetables, are grilled by the chef on the patio grill and served in bold slices. It is also possible for guests to have their own charcoal grill if desired. You can enjoy special grilled dishes that can only be tasted here, combining the charm of authentic American barbecue with the delicacy unique to Japan, at The Terrace’s patio seats, which show different expressions during the day and night.

[Overview of “Westin Special BBQ featuring Weber”]
Period: September 12th (Monday) to October 31st (Monday)
Hours: Lunch 11:30-14:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 12:00-16:00
Dinner 18:00 00-21:30, 17:00-21:30 on weekends and holidays

Location: 1F International Restaurant “The Terrace” Patio Price: 15,800 yen per person (tax and service charge included)
*Weekday lunch and dinner 1 group each, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 2 groups for lunch and 1 group for dinner can be used by 4 to 15 people

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