Top 10 Most Played Video Games (2023)
Top 10 Most Played Video Games (2023)

Top 10 Most Played Video Games (2023)

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If you are an avid gamer or a novice looking for a game to fill your free time, you might be interested to know what are the hottest games of the moment. Ready to know who the biggest current hits are?

Top 10 most played video games [2023] :

  • 10 – Apex Legends
  • 9 – Call of Duty : WARZONE 2.0
  • 8 – Fortnite
  • 7 – GTA 5
  • 6 – Counter Strike : Global Offensive
  • 5 – Assessing
  • 4 – League of Legends
  • 3 – Overwatch 2
  • 2 – World of Warcraft : Dragonflight
  • 1 – Minecraft

This ranking does not take into account mobile games, which were entitled toan item reserved for them. Despite the frantic pace of video game releases, some hits in this ranking have been present for more than a decade, and do not intend to give way to the younger generation.

10 – Apex Legends

Like Fortnite, you find yourself on a huge map, which shrinks over the course of the game. You must therefore arm yourself, in order to have a chance of winning during the many confrontations with your enemies.

In Apex Legends, each character has their own abilities, which synergize more or less well with the others, which gives a strategic aspect to the game, which does not exist in Fortnite for example.

In addition, interactions with the world and your team are much more pronounced, which really gives importance to your actions. Finally, the shooting mechanics are very advanced, and will delight FPS fans.

The game being free to play, it has a battle pass system, which offers rewards each season in exchange for a small sum in euros. Many skins are also available, which makes it possible to finance the development of updates which are very regular.

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9 – Call of Duty : Modern Warfare II

Present on the scene for many years now, the wise Call of Duty manages to place its new vintage in the ranking of the most played games every year.

Thanks to its modes requiring players to take objectives, or shoot down as many opponents as possible, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, and its Warzone 2.0 game mode still have an incredible community.

It must be said that the Activision license has everything to please, simple and intuitive gameplay, diversified game modes as well as the possibility of taking possession of a wide range of weapons. Available on all platforms, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II/Warzone 2.0 is probably one of the most popular games.

Thanks to its professional league, the Call of Duty League, Activision manages, year after year, to increase the hype on its flagship license.

Whether it’s for its single-player game modes, the campaign mode or the very famous zombie mode, or even its online ranked games, Call of Duty will necessarily have something for you.

8 – Fortnite

Fortnite has lost some ground over the past couple of years, but it’s still one of the most played games in the world. When it was released in 2017, Fortnite brought a very innovative gameplay, taking up the codes of the “battle royale”, and coupling it with fights where each player must build to gain the advantage over his opponent.

Very quickly, the confrontations became more and more technical, causing a great rivalry between the players, and in the playgrounds!

If Fortnite owes its success to its gameplay, the very regular update of content has allowed the game to retain its player base. Modifying the map, adding new skins, new weapons or new vehicles, Epic Games is constantly offering something new to its players.

Heavily criticized at the start of the game, the games are now balanced, allowing new players to meet opponents of their level, which has helped to attract a new population. If you like the “battle royale” genre and want to prove that you will be the last one standing, the game is for you.

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7 – GTA 5

We no longer present the Rockstar franchise, which is undoubtedly one of the most famous licenses in the history of video games.

If GTA 5 is still one of the most played games, 8 years after its release, it is thanks to its online game mode, which allows you to get into the skin of your character.The game is a bit like a Roleplay, where you embody your character in a world made up of other players.

You can start the game as Mayor, Policeman or Hitman, and should assume your choices and responsibilities as a full member of your community.

In summary, GTA5 online is a bit like real life, except that you can decide to be a different person, and your actions will have far less consequences than if you rob the bank downstairs!

Extremely popular on Youtube and Twitch, many streamers share their games every day, attracting an ever-growing community to the game.

6 – Counter Strike : Global Offensive

The latest opus of the wise Counter Strike is still at the height of its glory, almost 10 years after its release. Building on the reputation of its big brother released in 1998, CS:GO owes its success to its huge community, renowned for welcoming players of all ages.

Placed in one of the two teams: anti-terrorists or terrorists, you are part of a team of 5 players, which aims to plant the bomb on a site, or to defuse it.

In fact, CS:GO tournaments are some of the most impressive on the planet, pitting teams from around the world against each other, and offering up to a million dollars to the winners. Since the game is free, it continues to attract new players regularly.

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5 – Assessing

Developed by Riot Games with the aim of diversifying its catalog, Valorant is an FPS that was developed with the aim of overshadowing Counter Strike: Global Offensive. In order to stand out, the developers have bet on a system of champions, all with their own skills.

Wall of fire, smoke screen or devastating rocket launcher thus add a part of strategy, but also a touch of madness to a game adapted to competition.Released during the 2020 pandemic, Valorant is now one of the most beloved games by the gaming community.

Also free, the game offers, like the majority of free to play games, a skins shop, but also the possibility of buying champions. A game worth checking out, whether for new players or seasoned fraggers!

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4 – League of Legends

Riot Games’ first game, which was released in 2009, was basically a mode of the Dota game, which was extremely popular with the community at the time.

From the first months, League of Legends caused enormous hype, and was able to create a huge community. Combining dynamic confrontations and strategies, the game is a fan today.Totally free, the game obviously has a cosmetics shop, and allows the purchase of champions, which are now more than 140.

Also endowed with a rich and detailed history, League of Legends connects players with their favorite champions, and these are often the result of cosplay in the various fairs and gatherings around the video game.

By creating the most watched video game tournament in the world, Riot Games has succeeded in making a small game mode without ambition, one of the greatest video games in history.

Now with several professional leagues spread over 4 continents, League of Legends still has a bright future ahead of it.

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3 – Overwatch 2

In difficulty when it was released in early October 2022, Overwatch 2 was able to gain momentum throughout the month. With more than 35 million registered players at the start of December, the game has made its mark, in particular thanks to a major modification.

Indeed, the games historically opposing two teams of 6 players are over. From now on, each team is composed of 5 players, which greatly reduces the possibility of playing with 2 tanks?

2 – World of Warcraft : Dragonflight

The new expansion will take you to the Dragon Isles, which bills itself as the ancestral refuge of the Dragonflight. In the wake of Alexstrasza, you will have to lend a hand to your new allies, in order to protect your new allies.

In the process, powerful proto-drakes locked away for millennia will be released: Vyranoth, Fyrakk, and Iridikron. These enemies will therefore be part of the first raid of the expansion: the vault of incarnations.

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