Yakult Murakami (left) walked on base in the 9th

Yakult Murakami (left) walked on base in the 9th inning

I received the blessing of “Muragami Fever”. Chunichi won 8-0 against Yakult (Vantelin) on the  day, and won two consecutive victories. Infielder Mintaka Murakami (22), who has hit the 55th home run of the season, tied for the most by a Japanese player , won a complete victory with no hits and one walk in three at bats. Ryu Tatsunami, who decided to win the card for the first time in two years with 13 wins and 9 losses against the leader, Yakult, is completely confident for the future.

A crowd of 30,063 people packed into the Banterin Dome, perhaps because of the “Murakami-sama” that he aimed for the 56th home run of the season, which would make him the single-top Japanese player. It is the first time this season that the number of visitors exceeded 30,000 on a weekday. The press also gathered more people than usual and heated up in preparation for the achievement of the great achievement.

Starting pitcher Yudai Ohno (33) scored his seventh win (eight losses) with seven hits and no runs, and seven strikeouts. Before the game, Murakami, who had been duped with 10 hits in 30 at-bats, a batting average of 30%, 3.3, and three home runs, was smacked off with whiff strikeouts, two grounders, and one grounder. In the match against Yakult (Jingu) on the 2nd, Murakami was hit by a 3-run No. 50 and suffered a loss with 4 goals in the 5th inning, but this card marked the first victory of the season and showed the spirit of the ace of the dragon.

Yu Ohno proudly said, “I think it’s good to be confident that I was able to hold down without running away and walking in all three at-bats. It’s a result of the meeting.” Everyone, a lot of people came out to see us. I’m grateful that they supported such a weak team until the very end.”

Regarding the ace’s pitching, Manager Tatsunami said, “Murakami is a scary hitter, but he was able to attack well without walking. He hit a home run last time (from Yu Ono on the 2nd), but it’s been a long time since I’ve hit it. I can’t keep it, and there was a point difference today, so I was able to attack by that much,” he said with a do-it-yourself expression.

From the 9th inning with an 8-point lead, Takashi Neo (22) pitched in 3rd place. When Murakami entered the turn at bat with two outs, the biggest cheers of the day erupted. The result was a walk from a full count, but the following Osuna was hit by a two-goro, making it a game set.

A Chunichi alumnus said, “Since it was a confrontation with Murakami, it would have been better to have been hit than to make him walk,” but a team official said, “Neo, who directly confronted Murakami, It will be a good experience for the young players, including fielders, who see Murakami at bat right in front of them.It’s hard to come up with a great player who can surpass Oh’s record.It’s better to burn it into your memory.” pointed out.

Manager Tatsunami also said, “Right now, I’m a top hitter who represents the baseball world, so I hope you can feel something in the match. As a result, I got a walk, but I want you to be confident that you held it back (without allowing a run).” I was looking forward to the future growth of Neo.

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